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Sigh of Relief (#sol20 Day 15)

The superintendent called it this afternoon: Distance learning on the Chromebooks until the kids return from spring break on April 20th. One more day with students tomorrow to hopefully set them on the right path for a month or so away from the building. The whole idea of distance learning terrifies me a bit, butContinue reading “Sigh of Relief (#sol20 Day 15)”


I am a Feelings Sponge (#sol20 Days 12 & 13)

Long-ish post ahead to make up for not posting yesterday… you’ve been warned! I am a feelings sponge. I soak up the emotions of those around me. I’ve been like this ever since I can remember. When I was little, I definitely told my mom more than once that “I feel things too much,” whichContinue reading “I am a Feelings Sponge (#sol20 Days 12 & 13)”

Dear 17 year old Me, (#sol 20 Day 11)

It’s me. Or you. Or us. The future. Whatever you want to call it. Your senior year is almost over. You finally decided to apply to college at the last minute because you thought maybe if you didn’t do it you could stay in high school forever. You’ll get accepted to the only two schoolsContinue reading “Dear 17 year old Me, (#sol 20 Day 11)”

Six Word Story (#sol20 Day 10)

The AP Lit kids wrote six word stories today in class (using Ernest Hemingway and his baby shoes story as a mentor text) and I was feeling inspired so I wrote along with them. Felt crafty after school and wrote my best one on my scrap paper left over from a Cricut project I didContinue reading “Six Word Story (#sol20 Day 10)”

Big Metal Bird (#sol20 Day 9)

A giant shadow blocked part of the late afternoon sun that we daylight saved yesterday and a loud rumbly roar met my ears. The sound of a scream echoed in the cavern of my mouth. I tapped the breaks (like that was going to help). The big yellow metal bird climbed higher into the skyContinue reading “Big Metal Bird (#sol20 Day 9)”

Time (#sol20 Day 8)

Between losing an hour today to “spring ahead” and FriDAY being the longest WEEK ever, and probably about a million other things I’m forgetting, Days 6 and 7 for my Slice of Life Challenge are currently MIA. They’ll come back at some point, I just couldn’t get them done… Gosh. I sound just like myContinue reading “Time (#sol20 Day 8)”

We’ve got magic to do (#sol20 Day 5)

I went to see my school’s production of Pippin tonight and I am continually floored by our students’ talent. Theatre was a huge part of my college experience, though more on the tech/behind the scenes side of things. There’s always magic for me when I go see a show, broadway, high school, or somewhere inContinue reading “We’ve got magic to do (#sol20 Day 5)”

Philosophized Out (#sol20 Day 4)

As a high school English teacher and life longer reader and writer, I always appreciate a character’s well-developed inner struggle, especially ones grappling with their life’s purpose. Hamlet’s “To Be or Not to Be”? Here for it. Siddhartha’s journey to reach enlightenment? Frustrating at times, but worth it. Gregor’s humanity slowly slipping away from himContinue reading “Philosophized Out (#sol20 Day 4)”

Hope (#sol20 Day 3)

Emily says hope is the thing with the feathers. Barack says there has never been anything false about hope. Dostoyevsky says you can’t live with out it. I say hope is everything. And also perhaps nothing. But today, I hold the tiny spark that illuminates the way for tomorrow. One spark is all it takesContinue reading “Hope (#sol20 Day 3)”